1. Complaints can be reported via different channels by:
  • a) Calling at Call Center
    • i. Call Center - Branch Inquiries 051-111-962-962
    • ii. Call Center - JazzCash Inquiries 051-111-124-444
  • b) Writing us an E-Mail at
    • i. complaints@mobilinkbank.com
    • ii. info@mobilinkbank.com
  • c) Submitting written complaint at MMBL Branches/Booths
  • d) Writing us at MMBL-HO to
  • “Service Quality Department, Mobilink Microfinance Bank Ltd, 3-A/2, Kaghan Road, F-8 Markaz, Isb.”
  • e) Visiting MMBL Official Website www.mobilinkbank.com and submit online complaint
  • f) Calling at Service Quality Department land line number 051-2817076
2. Course of action upon reporting/receiving of complaint
  • a) At Call Center Complaint Number & TAT (Turn-Around-Time) will be communicated to the complainant which will be treated as complaint acknowledgement.
  • b) Every possible effort will be made by the branch staff to resulve and provide remedy to serve the customers upfront. On receiving written complaint, the Branch will send it to CMU for resulution. For record and reference purpose the event will be logged in complaint register.
  • c) Complaints reported via E-mail, Online Form & by calling CMU landline are dealt by Service Quality Department at MMBL Head Office. Where instances are reported via E-mail
    • i.  Interim replies are made.
    • ii. Transactional data/details are acquired from complainant (if required).
    • iii. Performed action via final reply is made.
  • d) CMU analyze/evaluate reported instances & route them to appropriate team for rectification.
3. Concerned Department investigates and resulves the complaint within specified Turn-Around-Time.
4. Complaint Management Unit keeps follow up with the cornered department till resulution/conclusion.
5. Upon resulution, Complaint Management Unit reviews the resulution details and if resulution is satisfactory, informs the customer about the resulution details through the same medium.
6. Complaints are assessed fairly, honestly and promptly. They are investigated competently, diligently and impartially.
7. Customer confidentiality is maintained throughout the process.
Within 48 hours of receipt of the complaint.
Interim Reply
After 10 working days in case the matter requires detailed scrutiny. These sorts of complaints may include issues relating to fraud, embezzlement of funds, repayment disputes, etc.
Final Reply
  • Within 7 working days if the complaint is of minor nature and does not require detailed investigation.
  • These may include complaint of misbehavior, malfunctioning of system, repayment or settlement disputes etc. In any case the complaint must be disposed of within 15 days.
  • However, the fraud related cases the final reply to the complainant must be issued within 30 days from the lodgement of the complaint.
Note: For ATM related claims, banks are required to follow relevant instructions issued by SBP from time to time. However, for international, POS transactions/disputes Turn Around Times (TATs) of the relevant vendor/entity will be followed.
Dear Customer
If you are not satisfied with the provided sulution of your complaint, you may please reach out to State Bank of Pakistan on below mentioned contact details:
The Director
Consumer Protection Department - SBP
5th Floor, SBP Main Building, I. I. Chundrigar Road
UAN No. 021-111-727-273
Fax No. 021-99221160 & 99221154
Email: cpd.helpdesk@sbp.org.pk